About Us

About Us

InfoCurse… is a blogging resource website. It was founded by two professional bloggers and web designers. They are currently pursuing their engineering degree. The main goal of this website is to provide generous information on the technology field. The content on this website is fresh and unique. We believe in keeping the visitors in the loop right from the time they log in to our website. We intend to keep scaling up the site to keep our visitors happy. We are not like any other blogging websites, feel free to interact with us. Treat us like your friend and we will be there to help you.


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Tye Whitting is the owner and creator of Infocurse.com. He currently resides in Australia.  He enjoys light exercising in his spare time and recently completed a trans Atlantic swim.  He is an inventor at heart and responsible for creations such as the post it note and 2 ply toilet paper (you may have heard of them)

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Jordan Van Hemert is part owner and creative head  of Infocurse.com . He is a part time writer, keen blogger and an occasional website designer. Jordan has 12 cats and an amazing jaw line. He once stayed inside for 3 days straight watching every season of the power puff girls.  Justin Bieber is his favorite artist.

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