How to run psp games on android with ppsspp | psp emulator.

How to run psp games on android with ppsspp | psp emulator.

How to run psp games in android with ppsspp

Play psp games with psp emulator on android: Yes, you read it right. Now you can run psp games on your android phones and tablets. With increasing hardware configuration in mobile devices one can play  most of the psp games. More and more games are coming in play store every day. Android users all over the world are enjoying play store games. But if you feel like you need to rise up your adrenaline and looking for more action filled games there is no better option than psp games.

How to run psp games in android with ppsspp

Psp games have large number of titles that you can enjoy in your android smart phones and tablets. Surely you are wondering how you can play games on your android phone. Your problem is solved by   Henrik Rydgard. He developed a psp emulator called ppsspp which can solve your problem. So in this post I have given the detailed description on how to play psp games on ppsspp android. Also I will give you download link for ppsspp apk file free.

But before telling you how to play psp games on ppsspp psp emulator for android or giving you download link for ppsspp psp emulator apk file let’s go through some description about ppsspp.

How to run psp games in android with ppsspp.

Ppsspp is the best psp emulator for android and ios to play psp games. 18mb software available in two versions. One is ppsspp and other one ppsspp gold. Ppsspp gold will cost you about 349 INR. But features are mostly same in both the version. When you install ppsspp it will not come with any psp game for android. You have to download psp games from other sites.

Read both the methods given below to play psp games with psp emulator on android. Use which ever suits you the best. I have provided download link for ppsspp at the bottom of the article.


How to run psp games on android using ppsspp (psp emulator).

  • All you need is an android phone or a tablet (it will be great if you have a good configuration device).
  • Download ppsspp (psp emulator from Google play store). Go to Google play store. You can directly go to play store from the link given below.
  • Once you have downloaded the ppsspp (psp emulator) your device is ready to run psp games.
  • Download iso file of psp game you would like to play from torrent or any other site to your computer.
  • Transfer the iso file to your phone. Paste the file in game directory of psp folder.
  • Now open the ppsspp (psp emulator) you will see the game icon there.
  • Just click on the game icon and start playing.

How to run psp games in android with ppsspp.


How to play psp games on android with ppsspp (psp emulator) apk file.

  • Download the ppsspp (psp emulator) apk file free from the link given below
  • After downloading the apk file. Transfer it to your android phone or tablet.
  • Now install the app by clicking on the apk file.

If downloading apk file is blocked in your device you can unblock it: Settings >> Applications >> allow installation from unknown sources.

  • Now your emulator is ready to run psp games.
  • Download psp games iso file from torrent or any other site from net.
  • Transfer iso file to your device.
  • Paste that iso file in-game directory of psp folder.
  • Now open ppsspp (psp emulator) you will see the game icon there.
  • Just click on the game icon and start playing.

NOTE: It is not possible for an android device to run most of the games @60fps. Also high-end smart phones are must to play psp games in android.

Download psp games that you can enjoy in android.

I hope after going through this post you can play psp games in your android devices. If you still feel any problem do tell us in the comment box below.

Download ppsspp (psp emulator) for android from Google play store.

Download ppsspp (psp emulator for android) apk file from here.

  • karan

    can we play Grand Theft Auto –
    Liberty City Stories (USA) in ppsspp on cheap Android phone

    • hey excuse me but were did you download ppspp game for your android

  • Sorry!! Karan, but psp games are heavy so its not possible to run them on low end android smartphones. Some games like God of War or Tekken 6 are not even compatible with high end devices also.

    • naresh

      In moto e PSP games are very slow… How to make game play faster …guide me and send video link and download description….. Pls

      • What type of error are you getting..?

  • shubham tikku

    i can play wwe psp games on my galaxy music duos but not so smooth so atleast what ram and processor required to android phones to play psp games smoothly..

    • As I have already said that even in high end smartphones one cannot play most of the games @60fps. Still to run games you need a dual core processor with atleast 1GB of RAM.

  • Siddhesh Adake

    i hava a xperia z 4.3 android and i hav a dragon ball z game .cso extension but after openning the game just the black screen appears nothing else wat to do plz help??

    • .cso is the compressed version of .iso file. First convert it into .iso format then try.

  • vir

    which site is best for psp iso game , i will try many of site bt nothing happen, plz hlp

    • To download psp iso game go for torrent.

  • Emmanuel

    what site can I download PSP iOS games that can work on the ppsspp emulator. please help

    • Hi Emmanuel..
      ppsspp emulator support .iso format file. You can download .iso file from torrent. As per my opinion you should try dragon ball z shin budokia 2 its an excellent game.

      • dude . how can i play ppsspp on galaxy young gt s5 . it just plays the 1st part and exits the application on my phone . I cant even play the games

        • I doubt, but your device is not supporting psp games.

  • Yes I’m going to try that

  • Hey! I want to download games for my tablet. The problem is that I cant download on my pc. So from where I should download Dragon Ball Z games as I am a big fan of it.Please send me the link for free dbz games.

    • Go for torrent and search dragon ballz psp game iso file.

  • How to get games on tablet

  • Hey Rishabh brother i have downloaded ZombieTycoon.v3.rar but in ppsspp emu it not showing there is written try winrar what is best name for that

    • Somesh singh

      Just unzip or unrar it with zip opener then try.

  • will the games run on canvas A76??

    • Your device configuration…??

      • chetan

        canvas A76
        1.2 dual core processor cortex A7,
        512 mb RAM,
        Mali 400,
        camera 30fps……
        .it runs FIFA 2014,NFS mW,modern c.4,GTA vC…very smoothly……
        so which games will be best for me??????

        • Go for some low end games. If they run on canvas smoothly you can try some high graphic games.

      • chetan

        Ram 512mob,
        1.2GHz dual proccesor cortex a7,
        30fps it run FIFA 2104,NFS mW very smoothly..

        • Initially you can try some low end psp games like worms. If they run smoothly then go for high graphic games

  • bihana

    hey is there any other site for download games for psp emulator torrent chod ke

    • Go for media fire or pspiso to download psp games.

    • Salim Khan


  • aman

    hey bro, I have moto e. I can play asphalt 8 smoothly on it. do this emulator really works?

    • Yes you can start with some low graphic games. If all went good switch to other heavy games.

  • sam

    bro i hav samsung galexy s5 can ppsspp game run on it

    • Yes, you can run most of the games smoothly.

  • zac

    Hey, does any isos will work on it? There are some which are catered for different cfw etc.

    • Yes, iso will work on psp emulator.

  • viraj

    please help from where i download iso file send the link plzzz

    • viraj

      and my phone is lava iris356

    • Download iso file from torrent. Best source to get iso files for psp.

  • Alpesh thakor

    Can I play max Payne in ppsspp

  • Abhinav

    hey! bro in my galaxy star(gt5282) gta vice city nt working smoothly
    will u plz suggest me settings for ppsspp to play it

    • Sorry bro, But it is not possible to play psp games smoothly in galaxy star(gts5282)

  • josua

    hi there. I already paste the games on my phone. but wen I go to ppsspp emulator it shown question mark (?) how can I fix it. tnx

    • Paste iso file in psp > games folder. Then open ppsspp.

  • Somesh singh

    Suggest me some psp games for my moto e

    • You can try Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2, FIFA, burnout series. I have tried these games and they all are amazing.

      • somesh singh

        thnx risav nd r u sure all r working and from where u downloaded them?? plz comment!!

        • Yes, you can run most of these games. Download iso file from torrent or any other file sharing site.

      • vishal

        Hey bro…can i play ppsspp games on my sgy-gts5360 ?

        • Sorry dude but I doubt your device can run any psp game. Instead go for amazing games available in play store.

  • Stanley noronha

    I installed the ppsspp app.where I should paste iso file

    • In game folder inside psp

  • Tejas

    hey, rishabh!
    thnks for sharing this amazing guide!
    buddy, I hav a low end device,
    ram-256mb(swapped and increased to 1 gb)
    processor-1ghz spreadtrum s6820
    tell me any game which can run on this config.!!
    will be a great help!

    • Dude instead of going for psp games you can enjoy play store games like subway surfer, swing copters, swamp attack etc.

  • Ankit

    Can i play tekken5 dr via psp emulator on micromax canvas unite a092 my phone spec are : *.1.2 GHz quad core Snapdragon 200, 1GB RAM *.GPU : Qualcomm Adreno 302
    *.Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

    • Yes, you can play tekken 5 but still its difficult to run game @60fps.

  • jonathan_julius

    Do I have to use Pc to download the games file? Or can I just download it with my phone?

    • You can download it anywhere but fix the iso game file in psp > games folder

      • chisom

        Please… That means we wl create a folder on our phones for psp iso games

        • You can see game folder inside psp folder. In that games folder paste .iso file

        • Fabian

          Chisom do you have any Iso games……av got Pes 2013 and dragon ball Z

  • thanks ,i understood everything,.but i just dont know ,that how to download a iso file of a psp game,.i treid a lot finding it from sites and pirate bay ,but dont know a accurate site ,.so can u please tell me a site ,from which i can download GTA VICE CITY iso file ,.please, thank you ,waiting for ur reply 🙂

    • Use can search for iso file in torrentz. Great source of psp games.

  • Nana Yaw

    I would like to know the games which would be suitable for my Samsung galaxy s3 mini

    • you can try Dragon Ball Z, Burn Out and FIFA

  • kalimulla

    hi any one in online please help me how I can play the psp game in my Sony Xperia z1 mobile any one contact me 07032051008 it’s my request please help me friends

  • somesh singh

    i have tried dragon ball series working very good and spiderman has some lag but playable 20fps my phone moto e downloaded from emuparadise extract via rra.

  • anselem

    The psp emulator is really nice

  • chisom

    Please just paste the download link in full so as to kw on how to download the psp iso file…

  • Ahtisham

    rar file is able to run in android ppsspp

  • gian

    Hello I recently downloaded the ppsspp gold….I also downloaded the game GTA China town..etc it started good but when it came down to actually playing the game the screen split in two and can’t see the game….is there something I should switch? I have the galaxy exhibit sgh t599n

  • paul

    hello sir 🙂 i tried to install ppsspp on my lenovo ideatab a1000 and naruto shippuden impact.iso it works but it is lag and i tried to search a different settings it is still the same so i delete it and i tried to download tekken 6 and it’s just at blank screen,does my device not capable on ppsspp games?
    and this is my tablet spec. 1 gb ram,android os 4.1 jelly bean,cpu dual-core 1.2 GHz cortex-a9

    • Hello Paul.
      Its not about the device you are using. Games that you have tried so far are not compatible even with best phones out there. I suggest you to dry dragon ball z game it will work definitely.

  • paul

    I will try to download dragon ball hoping that it’ll work since it only has a small file size 🙂 wish i could get you’re suggestion asap tnx!

  • David

    When I play a game on my samsung gt 2 7.0 screen turns black is it because of the game or my do you play iso or cso

    • I doubt but your device is not supporting psp games. For iso file paste it inside psp folder. You can try some light games to check the compatibility.

  • Those looking for psp games for android. Here is the download link for some of the best psp games.

  • David

    My smackdown vs raw 2011 cso game run slowly on sgt 2 7.0 is there any way to make it run smoother

  • Siyabonga

    Tried playing tekken 6 screen just blank but the menu shows. Help?

    • Which smartphone are you using..?

  • chisom

    I tried to download the games with my uc broswer on the link u gave above but the file type is rar instead of iso am realy confused please u guys should just help me…

    • Extract iso file from rar file that you have downloaded.

  • chisom

    Please i tried to download the psp iso file game with my uc browser on the link u gave above but the file type is RAR instead of showin ISO as the file type just explain better

    • Extract iso from .rar file that you have downloaded.

  • Rahim

    Please help my gta vice city stories is not working properly on my galaxy grand2 in buffered mode

    • Please explain your problem in detail.

  • sayed azaruddeen

    i am using samsung galaxy s duos 3
    with 512 mb of ram
    can i download real football 2012 for psp emulator and run on my device

    • Instead go for some low end games. I hope they works.

  • Charles Latorre

    Hello. I just downloaded virtua tennis 3 but when I try to start playing it the screen would turn black. My phone is samsung s duos. Thank you. =))

    • Check for best ppsspp settings. But I think there is compatibility problem with your device.

  • hey dude,can fifa 14 run on samsung galaxy star duos gts5282,what is the best site for downloading it.pls reply…

    • Sorry bro I doubt that game will run properly in your device.

  • is the running of the game needs wifi connection??????plzzz reply….

    • No, just download the game and enjoy without any Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  • abdul majeed

    bro will (god of war ghost of sparta ) work on my phone
    my phone is canvas2 1ghz &512mb ram
    please help

    • Even I tried god of war and it runs @15fps. Very slow gameplay in android. Check out some other game

  • lalji

    Hey bro I have rar file how I convert into iso file plz help me

    • Extract iso from that .rar file using Winrar

  • keshav

    hello rishabh
    I have moto e. can I play tekken 6 on it by using ppsspp?

    • Game will not run smoothly.

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  • abeeb

    After installing ppsspp on my android and I downloaded a game but could not open the game saying no application to open the file.plz help me

    • In which format you are downloading psp games.

  • amaan

    hello . i m from India and my device name z micromax a102 with 6.0 inch screen and 1.3ghz dual core and 1 GB ram …..m using ppsspp gold ….dragon ball z is suitable for my phone ….and also which is better dragon ball z.CSO or iso

    • Hello Amaan,
      Yes, you can play dragon ball-z in your A102. Go for .iso file and follow the procedure as given. Download link of the game is provided in the post.
      Thank You.

  • I have tried this a lot but doesn’t work on my Moto E. Also is there a way to emulate PS2 games on android!? if yes then do refer me the link!

    • Are you getting any error or what.

  • criss

    Hi I have a galaxy s5 and I followed all the instruction to try and play persona on my phone, but all I get is a blank screen. If I back out I can clearly see the game is there and running but won’t let me play. Please help.

    • Try to lower down the ppsspp configuration and then try to play. S5 must run persona perfectly

      • William

        Hi, I have a similar problem. I downloaded the latest version of the app and the ISO of Def Jam: Fight for NY: The Takeover. It looks like it would work, but it just appears as a black screen. What should I do? Thanks.

        • Try these settings. Hope it will help.

          Set mode – non buffered mode rendering
          Set frameskipping to 0
          Alternative speed – 0
          Make display resolution- native device resolution
          Spline Bezier curves quality – Medium
          Set filtering to Anisotropic filteringMake display resolution- native device resolution
          Spline Bezier curves quality – Medium
          Set filtering to Anisotropic filtering
          Show fps counter- both.

  • Tristan

    Hey Rishabh would a game like Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep be compatible on my Galaxy fuel 1.3Ghz dual-core processor, Android 4.4 Kit-Kat?

    • No its not possible Tristan. When you try to run the game it shows you a black screen.

  • When I open fifa street 2 on ppsspp all it shows is a black screen with the psp controls on it after a, while it tells me that ppsspp is not responding. What to do helps please

    • Try these settings

      Set mode – non buffered mode rendering
      Set frameskipping to 0
      Alternative speed – 0
      Make display resolution- native device resolution
      Spline Bezier curves quality – Medium
      Set filtering to Anisotropic filteringMake display resolution- native device resolution
      Spline Bezier curves quality – Medium
      Set filtering to Anisotropic filtering
      Show fps counter- both.

  • Sunil Bhandari

    i downloded both Psp Iso game and Ppsspp but its showing try .Unrar i tried evn tht but still its not coming .. plz reply bro …

    • Paste psp game iso file in correct folder. Game folder of ppsspp.

  • jason

    I’m getting two small screens instead of one big screen for my games. Any help ?

    • Go to ppsspp settings and select full screen mode.

  • kanor

    My tablet description is :
    Quad core processor
    4.4 kit kat
    512mb ram
    8gb internal
    what game should I DL on my tablet that run smoothly ? reply back plzzz ASAP

    • Try any low graphic game to enjoy on your tablet.
      Thank You

  • shashank

    I want to download fifa14 which file should I download iso or CSO file

    • Go for iso file. But if you have cso file of the game then uncompress it and extract iso file from it.
      Thank You

  • Hrushi

    Can I Play WWE 2008 Smoothly On My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4?

    • Yes, you can try.

      • Andrea Sarmiento

        Mine issamsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 but after run the iso games it was force stop how does it work?

  • Saim Haider

    Hi can you tell me an way to download PSP games I cant download PSP games for torrent the download doesn’t start please tell me another way to download PSP games

    • I have provided download link to some games for psp emulator. Please go through that article.

  • Rajat

    hey!rishabh bro i am not able to play GTA LCS on my xperia does not stop device specs are 1gb ram,1.2GHZ quad core, adreno 305,snapdragon 400.and when ever i turn on the non buffering option screen goes black.what should i do.???

    • Surely Libery City Stories can cause trouble when you try to play them in your device. Instead you can go through some settings that you can adopt to function it normally. Article link is provided just go through it.

  • Kurisutaru Otaku

    I passed ppsspp from my pc to my android, the app works fine until i open a game to load and, the screen stays black, there’s nothing that i can do, the version is a 7, something, please help

  • Dominic Thomason

    Ok I have grand theft auto liberty city stories and it goes through the Rockstar opening and the credit. But when it comes to loading the actual game it loads less than a quarter of the load bar and then freezes. How do I stop this? If it helps any I am using a galaxy s5 and the OS system is lollipop.

  • Dhaneshwor Ningthoujam

    Hi rishabh tekken 6 is not working smoothly on my samsung galaxy grand 2. Pliz help

  • Nathaniel

    What’s the best settings for Tekken 6?
    My phone is a Huawei Y5c Y541-U02
    Display: 4.5-inch IPS TFT 480 x 800 pixels (WVGA)
    Processor: Spreadtrum SC7741G, Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7, Mali-400 MP2 GPU
    Memory: 1GB

    Storage: 8GB
    Operating System: Android 4.4.2

    • ABNOY


  • eric

    So I need a computer to use ppsspp or is there a way around needing a computer I have a Samsung grand prime and downloaded ppsspp and tried to download a rom but it says I don’t have the application to download it please help…