Trick: Convert SD card to increase ram of your android smartphone/tablet.

Trick: Convert SD card to increase ram of your android smartphone/tablet.

SD card to increase RAM of android smartphone

Use SD card to increase RAM of android smart phone: today android is the biggest platform not only in terms of applications but also in number of devices. One can choose android smart phone as per pocket. You will get smartphones varying from 4000 to 40000. Basic difference in these smartphones is their hardware configuration. In entry-level smart phone you get single core processor while in top-notch devices we have quad and octa- core processor. Other difference is RAM, more RAM means more multiprocessing power and ability to play high-end applications. So, in this article I will tell you how to convert your SD card into RAM.

Well in spite of having large number android smartphones most of us are using a mediocre or low-level smart phone. It makes us annoyed when phone hangs or lags too much in between any task. Although there can be many reasons like slow processing power, low internal memory but low RAM is also one of them. Well there are various methods to increase your phone ram but to convert free space available in your SD card is one of the best method to increase ram of your android smart phone.

All of you are wondering that what magic is that how can one convert SD card to increase RAM of android smart phone. Well this article is not about inserting your memory card or connecting new hardware to increase your smart phone RAM. We will give you some simple tricks and software that will help you to boost ram of your android smart phone. these method could help you to increase your ram up to 2-4 GB depending upon your device configuration and memory card.

Here I am giving you 2 methods. You can choose any of them to convert SD card to increase up your device’s ram.

Both of them are different. First method requires use of some softwares to increase RAM while in other method you need to partition your SD card.

Method 1 to increase ram of android smart phone:

Check out for ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) awesome tool that can convert your memory card free space into your device’s RAM.

As per the developers it is the best application in play store that can efficiently increase your smartphone’s ram.

One thing you should keep in mind before buying this app is to check whether your phone support this app or not. you can check the compatibility of app with your device by using this compatibility app.

If your smart phone support ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) than you can buy it.
This app creates no magic it simply increase up your android smartphone RAM by converting a part of SD card memory into RAM. Then your memory card will be used as virtual RAM.

How to use ROEHSOFT Ram expander (SWAP) to increase your RAM.

  • Once you have checked that your device is compatible buy this app from google play store.
  • After you have installed the app in your smart phone create a swap file.
  • You can create swap file by clicking swap active and enable it.
  • Final step it activate swap. You can do so by clicking on grey box.
  • Done. You have successfully fully increased your RAM.

NOTE: Your device must be rooted before using this application.

Method 2 to convert SD card to increase RAM of android smart phone:

Most important thing about this method is that it is free…

As this method does not require any software or anything so you need following things for implying this method to increase RAM of your smart phone.

SD card class 4 or higher
android smart phone (you need to root your smartphone in order to use this method)

If you are trying to use sd card to increase ram of your smartphone then your phone must support swapping. To check this you must download swap check app.

  • If your smartphone support swap function then you can easily convert your SD card into RAM.
  • Next step is to partition your sd card.
  •  Download mini tool partition to your PC.
  •  Connect your sd card with help of card reader to PC.
  •  Format SD card. You can format your SD card by opening mini tool partition. Then click delete option.
  • Right-click on your SD card and select partition. Make this partition primary with file system as FAT 32.
  •  Leave 1 GB space for other partitions.
  •  Click on done. Again repeat step 6 but this time change file system to .ext2, .ext3 or .ext4.
  •  Click on apply and within few minutes your partition process is done.

Root your android device.

  • Download LINK 2 SD and install it in your smartphone.
  • Open the app and give root access. Then choose .ext partition that we have made.
  • Sorts the app and start linking them.
  • Final step is to download swapper for root.
  • Open the app and select desirable increase in ram size.
  •  Once you choose the RAM amount it will create .swp file and increases your device RAM.


Though it’s a long process but still an excellent technique to convert your SD card to increase you smart phone RAM.

NOTE: You are advised to use the given methods at your own risk. Whether you are testing or increasing your android smartphone RAM. No authorities, developers or source site is responsible for any damage caused to your device.

Hope you all like this post on how to convert SD card to increase ram of your android smartphone.



  • Noxodas

    If I unroot my android device, will the swap file still continue to function as RAM?

    • Swap file works by partitioning your hard disc space so that extra space could be used as RAM for your device. For this you need to provide administrative rights to this application so you need to root your phone. It won’t work with unrooted device.

  • saranga

    i dint get you….please help me …i want to increase my ram by 1gb….i m using a 16gb class 4 sd card…..please help me out……i also wanted to ask if after increasing ram i can use my sd card for normal storage like videos,pics etc…..and if i canhow to specify how much space i want for it.

    • Saranga if you feel method 2 complicated go for method 1 it is much easier. Yes, you can use your memory card for all porposes only the desired amount of space is converted into RAM.

  • XpIka

    Can i use both methods at the same time? they´ll work together?? o i can only use one at the time? thank you for your help

    • Its better to use one method. For low RAM devices try to avoid as much useless applications as possible.

  • Good Mathod My Phone is better performes

  • John

    Hey???? is there any SIDE EFFECT on increasing RAM? , will my tablet work like it was before? or everything will be laggy?
    Im thinking of increasing my tablets RAM… Hope it doesn’t have any SIDE EFFECT .

    • No side effects. Root your android device properly, once RAM was increased it will boost up your device performance.


        Heyy dude…… can i root my andriod phone……..what is the method that i can root my samsung galaxy note 2…….plz give me method

  • Yash

    how to unroot my android device
    plz mail me at [email protected]

  • sonu

    I am use this both methed to increase ram after this my phone is hange when I am running any application

    My phone is karbonn a1* 1ghz process 234 ran plz solve my problem

    • Go for only one method and make sure you are using class 4 or higher memory card with min. 8gb space

      • Akshay

        My phone is of 1.3 GHz dual core processor and has 218mb of RAM
        Plz sugeest me how can I increase my RAM on I ball andi 4IPS gem

        • Check if your device support swap file. If yes you can use 1 method to increase RAM.

  • iansanchez

    Is it alright if I uninstall all used applications after doing method 2?

    • Its better to keep them installed.

  • Daniel

    This post really came in handy for me especially after searching other forums that wasn’t clear to me, this post made it simple for me to partition my SD card and now that it’s successful I have some snag. I tried to download and install an apk but I still get an error message that “insufficient storage” what could be causing that? Can you please help cos I’m freaking out about the whole issue!
    PS: My SD Card is 16gb and I allocated 3gb for internal storage and ram but I checked through link2sd only very few space has been occupied.

    • Make sure you are using a class 4 or higher sd card.

    • life

      uselink2SD and select all apps then click on create link

  • Rishabh

    I make partition on sdcard…but link2sd not work..mount script not create. ..
    Not allow to su…
    What I do…

    • Try reinstalling link2sd and again try to create mount script.

  • Ezasean

    Hi, before i comment, ill say thank you!!!
    well done, its work as you describe it. but i cant see the amount of Virtual RAM that i added (2 GB)
    the phone still say its just 512.
    here is my SD card information:
    Sandisk 8GB Class 10.

    thank you for readings!!! 🙂

    • Well min. partition size is 256 mb and max. partition size 1024mb.

      • Mehwish

        sir if we increase ram upto 2gb then it will work ?? if it work then how to find virtual memory ?? sir plzz replYyy thanK u…..

  • my ROEHSOFT RAM Expander
    (SWAP) application didn’t working. what are the way to work this app?? but it’s already installed. my adroid phone is 1.30 GHz dual-core processor, RAM 230MB not rooted

    • Root your android phone before checking compatibilty of the app.

  • Kunwar

    Thanks A Lot For This Post..
    I Followed First Method And Now The App Is Saying My Total RAM is 2469mb..How Big Game It Will Support Without Lagging..??

    • Apart from RAM, processor also plays an important role in supporting heavy applications.

    • viraj

      hlo.. ihv install dis app nd when i check my ram it shows only 220 mb why nd my ram also 220 mb

      • Follow next step once you have installed the required application. Only installing the app will not increase the RAM automatically.

  • Method 1 is not working on my phone and my phone is rooted

    • What is your memory card configuration..?

  • adil

    I did every thing right..after the step “close”,.. its showing ” ur device manufacturer has disabled the swap function in ur device rom”….my device rooted also.. i did increase my internal memory also..
    what to do?

    • If you are unable to use swap in your smartphone you can alternatively use swapper 2 to perform the same function.

  • Leon

    What method is better?

  • veda

    It’s not working lava iris 356 link2sd mount script cannot be created… plz solve me problem….

    • Alternatively you can try this.
      Install Link2sd from market and transform it as system app
      Remove 05mountsd 07app2ext 11link2sd from /etc/init.d/
      Reboot phone
      launch Link2sd.
      But before following this procedure please backup all your data or you will lost it.

      • Saurabh

        How we ensure that ram is increased after creating .SWP file…

        • Saurabh

          Please tell steps to root the device also

        • You can check the memory status once process is complete.

  • anas

    I follow method 1 but it says that this device has not a compatible kernel…….. what should I do…..???? please tell….?

    • You can try method 2. Else use swapper 2 to perform the function.

      • I used both method but it didn’t work plz help me

  • Shahrukh Niaz

    How to root android Mobile?

  • Prince

    What if my phone does not support swap function? My phone is already rooted. It only has 512mb ram.

    • You can use swap 2 to perform the same function

  • Sir I have an andriod 4.2 with 256mb and 1.0 GHz dual core processor, not rooted what can i do for this..

    • You cannot use swap without rooting your device. Else you can try play store apps like RAM control extreme pro.

  • Sadath

    Hello admin, I really thankful to you for sharing this information..
    I followed 2nd method… But no use… It showing an error as “You need to have root access for your device, you can use this window tool to get root access…. And a link is attached in it… And when I access that link SRSRoot-setup.exe file have been downloaded… And further I didn’t get what to do… Mine is android 4.2 device with 1.2 GHz dual core processor Phablet device… Plz help me out…

    • I doubt but your device is not rooted. Without root you cannot follow the given procedure

  • Gimmy

    Hi sir my alcatel ot pixi 4007x is not rooted so can please help me because i want to expand it RAM. U can email me ([email protected])

    • If you want to increase RAM manually then root your device. Otherwise go for play store apps like RAM control extreme pro. These apps will kill unnecessary tasks and help you in another way.

  • Lokesh kumar

    My mobile is rooted. but after installation the ram expander, it is not working. it say that ” Unfortunately RamExpander has stopped. ” would you give me This problem solution…

    • This is Google play store error. Try clearing all your cache files and again install RAM expander.

  • rom

    hey done almost but can you please please explain step no. 11 and 12

    • Please elborate your problem..??

  • rom

    whenever I try to link the apps it shows like “make sure there are two partitions in your SD card and both are primary”
    now how to manage that??
    please man don’t ignore it I seriously need this..

  • tony

    plze help everything i have download the roehsoft ram expander but ram was not bigger what to do

    • How much partition are you creating ..?

  • Kevin

    How do you remove the app and restore ram back to it’s original place?

    • Easiest method is to factory reset your phone.

  • Alok

    What type of SECOND partition i need to create Logical or Primary?

  • ashok

    do I require rooting for the first method.
    and also I have a doubt that after rooting my mobile is yhat mandatory to flash cwm.
    and can I use my mobioe asusual after rooting (without flashing cwm).
    my mibile is samsung galaxy star pro duos,

    • Yes, you need to root your phone for both the methods. And your mobile will work in same way as it was before rooting.

  • Subhan

    I rooted my phone successfully and uninstalled most of my system apps which i thought would not affect the system.But after uninstalling them,each time i reboot my phone i have to sign in Twitter every time.And in the accounts manager(settings),they dont show my connected accounts exceptions being :email and gmail.I think i might have uninstalled some system app for managing accounts.So if you could tell a way to fix it or tell the name of app which i should put back.

    • I think there is sync. problem in your device. Sorry i cannot tell which app was missing but if you are facing too much problem, just factory reset your android.

  • sai krishna

    hello i have celkon with 4.4.2 android with 1Ghz processor and 256 ram plz help me to how to do this and i cannot install these many apps ([email protected])

    • First of all root your device and then follow one of the two methods given above.

  • ap

    is any other software which is free for direct use

    • Use clean master. Although it will not increase RAM. But you can kill many unncecessay apps to free your device’s RAM

  • prakhar

    I have used your 2nd method and it worked really well on my Micromax Canvas A111. But I have one question that if the RAM is increased really why my mobile is still showing (295mb used+ 110 mb free) in the running application section in setting menu. I have allocated 1.8GB of SD to be used as RAM.
    So please help me out.

  • rohan

    after install roehsoft its show license not found/faild.
    help me……plz.

    • Install lucky patcher software. Launch the software, it will show you list of application. Long press roehsoft and select remove license verification. After that select auto mode and click on apply.
      I hope this method will help you out.

      • Nedu

        Thank u very much for this post,
        pls I rooted my phone and successfully increase the Ram, but whenever my screen locks the phone will misbehave, displayed. “Phone has been modified please contact the manufacturer” . What could be the problem
        If I unroot the phone, will I lose the increased Ram.

        • Device is not rooted properly and yes if you unroot your phone you will lose the increased RAM.

  • Naveen Kadari

    What if it doesn’t support swap can I still extend my ram my device is not supporting swap please help me

    • Alternatively you can use swap 2 to increase your RAM. Else use third party applications like clean master to kill unnecessary apps.

  • Aryan

    Thank you for the info. But, I want to know that what should I do if my phone do not support swapping.

    • Try swaper 2 instead of swap.

  • ranjan kumar mohanty

    if i use sd card for increasing both ram and rom…then what should i do….should i make three partition…plz help me.

  • Josh

    Thanks for the tutorials..
    I av done all that u have said(2nd method) and my ram has been increased but still my games lag when playing as it was previously without the increase in ram. Did i do something wrong?

    • Which smartphone are you using..??

      • ranjan kumar mohanty

        plz solve my issue…i am so tensed and confused…i am using micromax canvas juice A177…how can i increase both RAM and ROM by using micro SD card…..plz help me…..

        • For RAM use partition method with swap file and I am writing a post on increasing ROM very soon.

  • Josh

    Am using samsung galaxy trend lite(GT-S7392).
    And i increase to 1gb.

  • ranjan kumar mohanty

    how to use sd card to increase both ROM and RAM of Micromax canvass juice A177

    • Make seperate partition for both.

  • neel patel

    i have 2gb sd card how to make phone ????

    • Use swap method to create partitions

  • Rahul can I root my it risky for my mob

    • Rooting your android phone could void your device’s warranty.

  • gajanan

    Thank you so much ! it work for me ….:)

  • onidz

    First of all, thank you for sharing this info… cheers to that!
    I would like to ask if you have a video clip of the process, that would be very much easier to follow…

    Thank you!

    • Sure I will try to give video link soon.

  • Arkapal sen

    i have micromax unite 2 A106,i have made root access. And root my phone via moboginie one click root..will my phone suppprt roehsoft.and will it works on the phone by increasing ram??please reply.

    • You just need the rooted device. You can check for the support.

  • plz help me how much can I inrease ram can I make it 2gb n can I play high end games like FIFA 14 , modern combat 3 n ,asphalt etc plz tell

    • You can try to increase the RAM. But I am not sure whether your device could run these games or not.

  • samir

    hi i m using samsung galaxy s plus which is already rooted so how can i increase the RAM of my phone

    • Just check the compatibility of SWAP file and follow the given steps.

  • sarthak shah

    Plz help me out …….i dont know how to root my phone …….nd dont know how to increase ram…….my phone is canvas doodle 3 nd it has 512 mb ram which is very less ……..plz help me out

    • You can increase RAM of your canvas doodle. But for that you needed a rooted smartphone.

  • firstly very nice info thank you so much

    2ndly does using sd card as ram decrease the life of the card and does removing the sd card after its converted into ram hamper the operation of the device due to link loss between swap and actual ram

    • There is no direct link existing between RAM and apps installed. Once you close the app from background of your device RAM doesn’t have any role after that. Using swap file just redirect the temporary memory required by app to your SD card.
      Also I have used my SD card as RAM and internal memory. No such issues.

  • Nilesh


    My device is not swap compatible .
    Is there any app to make swap compatible device?!!


    • Yes, you can try swapper 2 in your smartphone

  • Apoorv Mathur

    Hey! I downloaded the ram expander app. But it did not show any increment in ram in settings. Please help

  • vicky

    if I made partition in my SD card can I store song,videos etz

  • any tutorial of 2 method…1 is not fir on my device…???

  • muhammad sayed

    I have sony xperia c 2305 and I rooted it . I have install ram expander and it work good but I want know some thing. Is the programs which task apps make ram expander blocked . Is clean master , greenify , battery doctor , battery booster , is these programs make ram expander not working good ? Please tell me

    • Well, I haven’t tried any of these apps. But I don’t think these apps will cause any trouble.

  • rc Meisnam

    hi! I have a problem
    ” your device manufacturer has disabled the swap function in your device rom” how to fix it
    I m using samsung galaxy core wit lollipop 5.0 android
    as far as possible plz help me .
    thnk you.

    • Well, try using SWAP 2 file. Most of the times it will work

  • josh alonzo

    Hi I’m from the philippines and my smartphone has 32gig internal memory and my ram is 2 gig. I want to increase it to 4gb. But when i install the swap app and run it as it was recommended in method one it says app just stop. It didnt work. What should i do? Thanx

  • Rimond

    Hi! I am using rooted micromax unite 2 a106 and clasd 4 @ 2gb sd card(450 Mb free).I have downloaded those two apps which u are mentioned.But when i tapping Roehsoft ramexpander test on Swap checking app ,then it is creating only 20 Mb swap file.Again when i am running roehsoft ramexp. App and trying to create swap file ——after executing the task a msg is displaying like”swap:storage/sdcard0/swapfile/,swp:@invalid argument”.In my file manager swap file is created but i can not activate this file.what is wrong???plzzzz telll.

    • I doubt but manufacturer had blocked SWAP file working in your device. So you can use SWAP 2 file instead of SWAP.

      • Rimond

        But how can i create swap 2 file?in roehsoft ramexoandet app ,there is only option of swap but no swap 2.plz clear ur reply about swap 2 file.

  • Sudip Kumar Parui

    After I increase my mobile RAM.
    When I format my mobile then the ‘increase’ R should gone??
    It’s my question sir….
    plz reply me….

  • Sir,
    After I increase my mobile RAM.
    When I format my mobile then the ‘increase’ R should gone??
    It’s my question sir….
    plz reply me….